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Community Health Assessments and Indicators

Community Health Assessments

The Washington State Department of Health has been working in collaboration with local health jurisdictions to improve community health assessments in the State, and to strengthen access to information relevant to community health.

There are several relevant initiatives, including:

Community Health Indicators

There are several initiatives on developing and using community health indicators in Washington State. In general, these initiatives are intended to select and report on indicators of the health and social well-being of individuals and communities. They include:

Another relevant initiative is the Washington State Department of Health’s program on "Environmental Public Health Tracking Network" (W-EPHTN). This program aims to improve the state of information concerning environmental contaminants, human exposure to hazards, and potentially related health outcomes in Washington State. W-EPHTN is developing infrastructure to integrate environmental and public health information systems and to improve access to information from those systems. W-EPHTN also aims to bring together a network of stakeholders who can use information from these systems to guide public health action.